Modern design, revised texts and new features: the website of the Livestream Studio has been completely revised. After all, the best way to convince potential customers is with an appealing web presence. In this article we will introduce you to the new exciting features on the site and how you can visit the studio.

After analyzing the access numbers and clicks, we realized that Livestream Studio is the perfect candidate for a website relaunch. Because the site ranks well on Google, but we still have capacity in bookings for a livestream or other filming. Responsible for the relaunch were mainly Samantha (graphics) and Melanie (text).

Modern and simple design is the focus of the relaunch

In addition to the fundamental revision of the text, the focus of the relaunch was on a new and above all modern, simple design. From the logo to a new extension, everything was turned upside down and rebuilt. Together with the whole team, we set up various studio scenarios and photographed them from all angles.

Snapshots from livestreams in the new gallery

As a new feature there is now a gallery on the website. Here you can find snapshots from past livestreams as well as our technology and different setups of the studio. We have also photographed all pieces of furniture like chairs, armchairs and tables and they are now included in the gallery. Another highlight is the factsheet. The brochure contains the most important information about the Livestream Studio. Conveniently available as a PDF file, the factsheet is easy to download and can be forwarded to customers or colleagues.

Expressive time-lapse videos of the setup of a Studio variant

We have captured how easy it is to convert the studio from a green screen studio to a living room studio in coherent timelapse videos. These timelapse videos can now be found on every subpage of the different Livestream Studios. You can see how quickly the green screen can be set up, for example.

You are already curious about our studio? Then come and visit us and we will show you the heart of our full service livestream agency. Just give us a call at 089 41 41 453 22 or send us an email at Our fridge is always filled and we are just a phone call away.

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