The internet is full of tips for good content on Instagram. Whether it’s reels, stories or a new post, numerous blog posts exist for all of these formats. But for the live format on Instagram, tips are few and far between. And this despite the fact that Instagram Live is a great way to show yourself close and interact with your followers. In this blog post, we show how businesses can use Instagram Live, what a successful campaign looks like, and provide helpful tips for implementing live content.

Unique interaction with followers

A livestream on the image platform, like any live broadcast, fulfills several goals. A live show engages loyal fans, offers followers unique insights and, of course, direct interaction with the influencer. While Instagram is primarily characterized by glossy photos in the feed, often conceived over hours, live shows can never be planned one hundred percent in advance.

Exciting tool away from the mainstream

So Instagram Live is an exciting tool away from posts and stories. As a business on Instagram, the live show offers a new way to connect with potential customers. There are different ways to do this. If the company itself has an account on which it is regularly active, it can then start a livestream there itself. If, on the other hand, the company relies on influencers and brand ambassadors, they can go live on their channels.

Product should not always be too much in focus

But be careful: the livestream should by no means become a pure sales show. It is not the time to promote products. Followers would quickly notice that it’s all about advertising and switch off again. Unless, of course, this was announced in advance. In an Instagram Live, the benefits of the product can then be discussed, various possible uses or combinations.

Creaters and influencers can also focus on a specific product during an Instagram Live. However, this should not be too much in focus. For example, an influencer can show a live make-up tutorial on Instagram, and show selected products from a particular brand with which she works. In any case, the livestream should take place rather in the evening. In addition, the live show must definitely be announced in advance, preferably several times on different days.

Formats for an Instagram Live Video

The most important thing in an Instagram Live is the creator. It is best to be creative, authentic and open to new ideas. Because then the livestream will be successful just like the whole channel. So grab your smartphone and plan the next Instagram Live. Suitable formats include:

  • Q&A and AMA
  • Livestreams with other influencers
  • Livestram from the road
  • Live tutorial or product launch
  • Let viewers decide how the Instagram Live will unfold
  • Behind the scenes

As operators of the Livestream Studio, we have already accompanied and implemented numerous video formats. So our studio is also perfect for a livestream on Instagram. We are happy to advise influencers, creators and agencies on the implementation and planning of the live show. Feel free to contact us at 089 41 41 453 22 or send an email to

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