Multilivestreaming in Livestream Studio Munich

A livestream brings many advantages for companies, associations and clubs. In the more than 500 streams we have already realized, viewers and customers alike have been satisfied. This is because those in attendance save themselves time and money. This is especially important for busy keynote speakers. In addition, our customers reach their target group more effectively than with a pure presence event.

Reachability of the target group on multiple platforms

To do this, however, you need to know on which platform the target group can be reached. In most cases, this is not only on one platform, but spread over several. But we also have a smart solution for this: multistreaming. This means that a stream is transmitted to several channels at the same time. For example, not only on YouTube, but also on a website and Facebook in parallel. Sounds simple at first, but multistreaming requires a lot of know-how and technical equipment. That’s why not every livestream provider has this service in its portfolio. In the following article, we explain what multistreaming exactly is, how streaming works and what advantages companies have from it.

With multistreaming, live streaming takes place on multiple channels

As the name suggests, multistreaming is the process of broadcasting a video live on multiple channels at the same time. Any number of different platforms can be used. The standard is usually several social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitch. But there is also the option of streaming on a website. The user is thus spoilt for choice as to which platform he follows the livestream on. This particular type of livestream requires a certain amount of expertise. Because different channels have to be played at the same time instead of just one. Our partner from Stream1, the full service livestream agency from Munich, has already gathered a wide range of experience in multistreaming and is very well positioned in this area. For example, Stream1 streamed on 40 channels simultaneously for a major international corporation in the fall of 2022.

The right partner for multistreaming Munich

In principle, multistreaming is possible on all platforms that have a live streaming option. This ranges from LinkedIn to Youtube to your own landing page with an integrated web player. For a multistream, companies, banks or public authorities actually only need the right partner. Because this partner has the necessary equipment such as a livestream encoder, the right software for multistreaming and camera and sound technology. With the livestream agency, a concept is created in advance and the right platforms are selected. In this process, the livestream provider Munich can provide advice and support with its expertise.

The advantages of simultaneous streaming

We now know what mulitstreaming means and how streaming works. But why should companies or associations rely on this particular type of livestream? The most important reason is to increase the reach. This means that more people are reached through mulitstreaming, as streaming takes place on several platforms. This also results in the second advantage. New target groups can be reached through streaming. In addition, customers save time and money. There is no need to plan and execute a single stream for each platform.

Multi-livestreaming is no problem in our Livestream Studio Munich. Stand in front of our blue and gold wallpaper or take a seat in one of our comfortable armchairs and the livestream can begin. The necessary technology is already installed in our studio and so we can start a stream at any time. We will gladly take care of the transmission on Youtube, Facebook or Twitch for you. Just call us at 089 41 41 453 22 or send us an email to

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