Livestream Studio München
Livestream Studio München

Eines ist klar – unser Livestream-Studio in München ist extrem vielseitig. So you can turn four walls into eight. You don’t believe us? Visually, it’s the truth. In this article, we’ll reveal how we managed to make the finished setup in the livestream actually look like two different locations:

The Livestream Studio is divided into two

To make two setups possible, we first need to spatially divide the studio. Since we can mount the cameras anywhere on the entire truss cage in our livestream studio, a wide variety of angles and camera perspectives are possible.

At the request of a client, we set up two different setups in our studio: On one side is a velvety sofa, which creates a cozy living room atmosphere with matching decorations. Opposite, a modern setting is set up with an armchair circle and backdrop (individual background). If you change the “location” (i.e. the camera or perspective) in the stream, the event appears more varied. One challenge for our studio crew was to choose the camera angles in such a way that only one setting could be seen in the frame at a time. But they mastered this with flying colors.
Tip: The backdrop can also be easily transformed into a white or monochrome wall to serve as a neutral background for a presentation on one of our Samsung Flip TVs, for example. The velvety sofa can also be replaced and create a different atmosphere with appropriate decoration.

This solution is especially good for online events, but also increases the diversity for hybrid events.
In Livestream Studio Munich, this setting is recommended as a virtual event where only the speakers are on site.

Digital and hybrid events are the future

It is a fact that digital and hybrid events are cost-saving and more successful than normal face-to-face events. In practice, this is underlined by the consistently positive feedback from participants.
As an example, the feedback of a participant of a virtual conference in our Livestream Studio Munich:

“Hello Together,

is it planned to follow the next symposium 2023 alternatively digitally? Because I am currently on the road and through the digital transmission I could still participate, I thought that was great.

Would be great if it would thus also be possible next time to decide whether you want to be present or can or whether you have the choice to participate even digitally, ie “two – participation ways” principle 😉

Thank you very much and have a nice weekend”.

Advantages of the Livestream Studio Munich

To sum up: a stream from multiple angles increases viewer attention and satisfaction.

This is exactly what you are looking for? We are happy to support you with your project! You can also reach our Livestream Studio quickly and easily. Stationed directly at the Ostbahnhof in the Werksviertel, it’s not a long way for anyone around Munich.

The area of 30 square meters is perfect for online events of any kind. Due to our diverse equipment and also technology, Twitch livestreams are likewise possible in our gaming studio in Munich, as well as podcasts in video and sound format.

In addition, we can design an individual back wall in the sought-after corporate design and thus create your own branding studio. We are also equipped for green screen recordings.

But enough about our possibilities – tell us about your ideas! Gladly in a conversation in person or by phone: 089 4141 453 22

We are looking forward to your successful livestream!

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