Quality journalism is more important than ever in the age of social media. The information overload is greater these days. But alongside this, newspaper publishers are cutting many editor positions and closing editorial offices. So it becomes more and more difficult as a company to publicize its information like the launch of a new project or the start of a series of events. With an online press conference, entrepreneurs reach more journalists and thus their target group. We have gathered practical experience from over 10 years of livestreaming and compiled 5 tips for a successful virtual press conference.

Timely invitation with all relevant information

Should actually be clear to everyone, but still happens again and again: Invite the press to your press conference in good time. This principle also applies to a digital press conference. In the invitation, make it clear why journalists should definitely attend the conference. So point out what the added value is for the editors. A login on a specially set up landing page enables planning. Initial questions can also be asked then, which you can answer in advance. Shortly before the virtual press conference, send a reminder with the most important data to the registered journalists.

Make it as easy as possible for journalists

The barriers to attending a digital press conference should be as low as possible. The easiest way is to simply give the press a link to a landing page with the invitation email. Of course, those who want to share sensitive content in the stream can still restrict the landing page with access. Another advantage with a landing page: the link can be opened from any operating system.

The right technology for a virtual press conference

If you are planning a digital press conference, it is best to work with a livestream agency right from the start. This agency has the experience to know which technology is needed for a live stream of a digital press conference. The equipment needed depends on the requirements. How many speakers are on site, for example in a livestream studio in Munich, how many will be connected? However, some points must always be taken into account: Stable Internet on site, clear sound and a successful integration of the presentation. In addition, a chat tool for queries must definitely be set up on the landing page. This can be 1:1 or 1: too many.

Create a schedule

A schedule is essential for the livestream and your digital press conference. Who should say something and when, when will which presentation be shown and when can journalists ask your questions? You should definitely ask yourself these questions in advance and then use them to create a schedule. Share the approximate schedule with the journalists as well. This way, the press will know exactly when they can ask questions. You can discuss this schedule directly with your livestream agency.

After the digital press conference is before the next conference

The journalists will thank you: It is best to send out a press release with the most important information promptly after the press conference. You can also write this release in advance. Alternatively, you can have an AI prepare a transcript of the digital press conference. However, you should definitely check this script again in advance.

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