1 cosy setting, 1 presenter and changing guests: the livetalk can start right away. Stream1 has created a new format to ensure that there is no boredom during the summer holiday period. Of course, it will be filmed in the Livestream Studio Munich.

The main topic of the talk is always communication.

Experience shows that there are fewer live shows in August. In most offices, many desks are unoccupied. Exactly the right time to start your own live show, thought our CEO Martin Prankl. The concept behind it is explained quite quickly: Martin Prankl interviews his guests in a relaxed atmosphere. The topic is always communication.

“I want to get to know the person with all his facets”.

“It’s important to me not only to present my guests as business people, but also to get to know the person behind them with all his facets. What hobbies he has, what his career aspirations were as a child or what the graduation newspaper says about him, I want to tease all that out of the guests,” says Martin Prankl about the basic concept of Stream1-Livetalk.

Ready for use within minutes: The Livestream Studio Munich

The recording of the talk format takes place in the Livestream Studio Munich. The practical thing is that the technology such as camera, lighting and transmission technology are already permanently mounted and ready for use within a few minutes. Other equipment such as headset microphones are also available. The setting such as the furniture and decorative elements, on the other hand, change during the broadcast in order to present the viewers with the full diversity of the Livestream Studio München. Very important: After each recording, we shoot announcements for social media. In the short videos, Martin teases together with his guest not only the broadcast date but also the topics of the programme.

Multi-platform streaming: landing page, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

The Livetalk is also broadcast from the Livestream Studio Munich. We use almost every possible platform: our own landing page, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Multi-platform streaming requires some know-how, but is no problem for our livestream crew. This way, we reach the different target groups on each platform.

The first livetalk has already taken place. Together with SEO specialist Alex Fischl, Martin Prankl discussed the topics of ChatGPT and search engine optimisation. You can watch the livetalk on Youtube:

Would you also like to record a talk format in our Livestream Studio Munich? We are happy to support you. As a full-service agency, we offer you everything from conception to recording and follow-up. Please contact us at 089 41 41 453 22 or send an email to

The Stream1 Livetalk will be broadcast once a month. Don’t miss any information and new dates and follow us on LinkedIn.

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