Anyone who has ever followed a livestream knows that, in addition to technology and co., the background is also significant. Finding a suitable livestream location can turn out to be a big challenge. As a professional livestream studio, we know what matters, so we’ll give you some tips here.

The most important requirements for the streaming location

Are you looking for the perfect location for your livestream? Then you should pay special attention to a few points when choosing. After all, an event like a livestream also represents your company and is crucial for its success. Therefore, you should consider the following.

A fail-safe Internet reception

The cornerstone of a live event is the network connection. If there is a stuttering picture or an interruption, the audience quickly becomes annoyed and dissatisfied. The result: after the fix, suddenly there are only half as many spectators as before. That’s why you should test the transmission rate in advance. If necessary, your livestream provider can also extend it.

A good lighting

White faces with red eyes: hardly worth shaking your head at for photographers and videographers. Professional streamers know that the exposure of the protagonists is very important. Two points to remember as a matter of principle:

  • Window in the background with more or less isolated rays of sunlight: darken as if you were a vampire! 😉.
  • Speakers must be exposed from the front or at least evenly from the sides.

The respective livestream location provider knows best how and where to work with light, and when you should avoid it.

Adequate acoustics

Of course, sound must not be missing from a stream. But at best, the audience only hears those sounds that are also predetermined for the livestream. Passing cars, observers standing in the doorway, or hurried footsteps in the hallway: all of these background noises are rather undesirable during a livestream. Various precautions, such as information signs, should be clarified in advance with your service provider of the livestream location.

For the quality of the acoustics itself, appropriate microphones are suitable. Small to medium-sized studios are often carpeted. It dampens background noise and helps to achieve a pleasantly soft sound.

The best livestream location: the studio

The perfect location for your live event doesn’t exist? Oh yes, there is! A livestream studio. There you don’t need a genie out of the bottle to fulfill your wishes. What doesn’t fit will be made to fit!

On the basis of the Livestream Studio Munich we show you the real advantages:

  • After own streams are also shot here, the Internet connection is tested by the professionals themselves. In addition, technology such as the Internet Bonding Router from MiNE Media is also available.
  • Spotlights and microphones are already set and only need to be adjusted to your requirements.
  • There is a very large selection of furnishings. From pink tulips to stylish armchairs to a liquor bar, you are spoiled for choice.
  • If you still like to beam yourself to another place: The green screen makes it possible.

For more detailed information about our equipment, visit us here.

Some of the points mentioned also apply to other studios. And there are definitely enough of them. But before you blindly make a livestream location choice, you should weigh up the price-performance ratio well.

The smart spenders among us must unfortunately be reminded that their own office is usually unsuitable for a livestream. Here, neither the background, nor the acoustics or lighting are right.

So it’s better to book a studio for a small budget and have less stress as a plus. After all, you do not have to worry about the technology!

Are you looking for a livestream studio in Munich? Then you are exactly right with us! Call us without obligation and free of charge at: 089 41 41 453 22

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