Twitch is THE platform for live streams. Probably on no other can be found at any time thousands of streams. Whether cooking, gambling or even sleeping, on Twitch you can watch people doing different activities.

Twitch inspires more and more new users

Around 16 million people worldwide use Twitch every day. This puts Twitch at the bottom of the list of social media. But Twitch is growing more and more and is able to attract new users. What makes Twitch unique is that all content is streamed live. This creates a special exchange between streamers and viewers, who can often actively shape the stream.

Unique exchange between streamer and viewer

Twitch is still perceived by many as a pure platform for gamers who only play first-person shooters all day. But livestreams about games like Fortnite, League of Legends, or Rocket League only make up part of the livestreams. The “Just Chatting” format is the number one most popular genre on Twitch. Here, viewers can use live chat to send questions or messages to the streamer, who responds. This creates a unique exchange that only exists on Twitch. Other formats on Twitch include lifestyle, cooking, music and sports.

Gaming Studio München
Perfectly lit: Our set-up for a livestream on Twitch

Livestream Studio Munich is perfect for Twitch livestreams.

As colorful as Twitch is, as varied is our Livestream Studio Munich. In addition to a pink couch and a shell-look armchair, we also have a golden turtle and a high-proof bar. But we can also be serious and with gray armchairs, a wooden coffee table and high-quality glass decanters. The design options in terms of interior are very large. We approach each stream individually.

Changeable background for a Twitch Livestream Munich

There are also different options for the background for a twitch livestream from our studio Munich. As option 1 we would have a blue wallpaper with golden accents. Second option would be a green screen, on which we can insert any background. Also animations, add-ons or presentations can be put on the green screen at any place. Of course, the third option is to print a background that we can attach to our sturdy frame.

High-quality gaming equipment in Munich Livestream Studio

The Livestream Studio Munich is perfect for streaming live on Twitch. Not quite convinced yet? Then here are our hard facts:

  • 30 square meters of studio space
  • stylish furniture with decorative elements
  • fridge and alcohol bar
  • 14 LED spotlights, 8 of them colored
  • built-in truss cage for maximum flexibility regarding position of lights, cameras and decoration elements
  • 4 HD PTZ cameras
  • Headset microphones and handheld radio
  • Large preview monitor
  • 100 mbit internet line
  • Gaming chair
  • High-quality gaming equipment including gaming computer

The Twitch Studio Munich is conveniently located at the Ostbahnhof in Munich’s Werksviertel. Directly in the headquarters of our livestream agency you always have a personal contact person. Our employees have been active in the industry for years and have TV production experience. In addition to catering, a conference room and other offices are available on request during the livestream.

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