Podcast Aufnahme Studio München
Podcast Aufnahme Studio München

Whether as a branding studio, a Twitch studio or even a podcast studio: the livestream studio in Munich’s Werksviertel is incredibly versatile. Not only can trendy livestreams be recorded, but also podcasts. And the spoken word goes down well with people. There were over 3.6 million podcasts on the most popular platform in 2022. According to Spotify, half of 18 to 14-year-olds say they regularly stream podcasts.

Livestream technology for a successful podcast recording

A successful podcast absolutely needs crystal-clear sound. Because if the sound is noisy, the speakers can’t be heard properly or is choppy, listeners will switch off immediately and listen to another podcast. For newcomers in particular, it is therefore essential to use the right recording technology. However, equipment can be expensive, especially at the beginning, and often fails when it comes to correct operation. The practical thing about recording at Livestream Studio München is that the permanently installed technology that we normally use for a livestream can also be used for a podcast recording from Munich without any problems.

Optimisation of the sound recording including insertion of intro etc

The headset is quickly set up and then you’re ready to go. Our live producer records the sound signal and then transfers it to the speakers, either as a transmission link or directly to a hard drive. On request, we can also edit and optimise the audio recording and add an intro or similar.

Also successful on social media with vodcasts

As mentioned at the beginning, podcasts are booming. New formats appear every week and many celebrities and companies are utilising this new form of marketing. To stand out from the crowd, you should focus on vodcasts. In this format, a video is recorded alongside the audio track. This has several advantages. On the one hand, fans can not only listen, but also see the emotions of the speakers at the same time. On the other hand, the collected material can also be used for social media. Use it to create short clips that you can upload as a reel to Instagram, for example. This gives you another opportunity to draw attention to your podcast.

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