Craft beers are literally on everyone’s lips at the moment! There are several hundred small and medium-sized craft beer breweries in Germany alone. But how can you keep track of all these products? For example, by inviting expert Mareike Hasenbeck.

The trained journalist is appreciated as a beer sommelier and blogger in the scene and feared as a juror. This makes Mareike just the right guest for an interesting conversation about craft beers.

During a live production, host Martin Prankl invited Mareike to a Craft Beer Tasting. For such a relaxed after-work stream, the Livestream Studio Munich offers exactly the right setting. Just like in their own living room, the two chat about the popular barley juice in a relaxed atmosphere, discuss different tastes and, of course, try one or two craft beers.

Livestream like from the living room at home

We transmit the live event directly to LinkedIn, Facebook and our own Stream1 website. Both are wired via headset, several PTZ cameras show Mareike, Martin and of course the beer from different perspectives. Discreet lighting provides the right, lounge-like lighting mood in our entertainment studio.

What can’t be missing from a successful live show? Of course: interaction! Viewers submit their questions online, which presenter Martin reads directly on his tablet and forwards to Mareike. Of course, there is also a lottery, and at the end of the show, five viewers win a craft beer package with various craft beers brewed in Bavaria.

Mareike clarifies craft beer myths

We learn that beer from a can has an unjustly bad reputation (“A can is like a small barrel.”) and why beer from green bottles can smell like grass (UV radiation affects the taste and smell).

The event inspired viewers and team, we are already looking forward to the next Stream1 live production from our live streaming studio in Munich.

You can also watch the event afterwards here: Craft Beer Tasting Live on LinkedIn

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